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Orlando Yoga Classes

Zen Rising Wellness Center is always keeping things interesting!

Yoga: involves slow movements, stretches, and poses. Yoga offers a number of health benefits, both mental and physical. Many individuals who practice regularly find yoga helps to reduce stress, build muscle, and improve posture.

Anyone can take a class at Zen Rising Wellness Center, regardless of weight, fitness level, or age. We offer both traditional yoga classes and customized yoga classes, so getting bored isn’t an option! From gentle stretching classes with to high-level intensity workouts, we’re sure you’ll find a class that addresses your needs. We invite you to check out our schedules and hope you find what you’re looking for. If you’re unsure which class is best suited for you.

Shake Things Up

It is always a good idea to change up your workout routine by taking a class. When your body gets used to an exercise, your muscles are no longer being challenged. Variety in your workout routine will keep your body guessing, resulting in a more successful workout. At Zen Rising Wellness Center, we offer a wide range of classes to meet a variety of fitness levels. From Zumba to Pilates to Cycling, there’s always something new for you to try at Zen Rising Wellness Center.

Challenge Yourself

If you are in Orlando and have questions about our classes, please give us a call or send us an email (321) 430-4729 or We look forward to hearing from you!