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Orlando Corporate & Event Chair Massage

Corporate offers can be arranged a number of ways to benefit each companies desires. A few ways to integrate massage at an office or event is as follows…

1. Corporate Chair Massage;Your company is deciding to treat the team to a day of chair massage at the office! A therapist comes to the office and is paid on an hourly basis and anyone can use the service with in the time the therapist is scheduled. This is great for employee appreciation days, for teachers, hotel staff, or big corporate offices! Employees will love you for showing you care in appreciation of there hard work, and work better when less stressed. Its a great way to integrate wellness into the work environment, and promote healthy choices!

2. Staff Chair Massage;Another form of chair massage that is payed for by the staff versus the company. It can be set up in a break room for 2-4hrs. Staff can go in as they have free time and treat themselves to receive a chair massage. They have many time options for this.

*Either of these can have scheduled days once a month, weekly or bi-weekly depending on the demand of your company.

3. Office Table Massage;We bring the spa to you! A therapist comes with a table and can do full 60 or 90 minute massages at your location. We usually prefer to have a well fitted room, dim lighting with privacy. This can be once or twice a month for up to 6 hours.

4. Event Booth Chair Massage is designed to draw the crowd to your convention booth.Have your potential future clients chat with you and let us put them in a relaxing state of mind and leave with a good energy about your company!

Event Chair Massage is a nice touch to all sorts of celebrations as well, such as a big birthday party, baby shower, wedding showers, etc…