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About Zen Rising Wellness Center

Our Philosophy

Zen Rising Wellness Center believes that the body and mind work as one, and physical healing is as important as clearing the mind of stress. We work to educate our clients on physical health, and wellness. Come enjoy one of our Therapeutic Massages, Acupuncture, Cupping, Crystal Healing, Acupressure, or Reiki treatments.

Client Oriented Treatments

At Zen Rising Wellness Spa, our highly trained staff is dedicated and ready to serve you with a vast selection of services and products. Your comfort, care, and wellness are our number one priority. In order to provide the best possible service and foster the best possible results, our team is extensively trained in both corrective and therapeutic care. At Zen Rising Wellness Center we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of your muscular anatomy, which allows us to vary our approach and customize each treatment to your very specific and individual needs.

Health and wellness go beyond stress relief

Conveniently located for you; we are the only Wellness Center in Downtown Orlando that provides the combination of corrective and therapeutic services while providing a relaxing atmosphere. Every client that walks through will enjoy the benefits of reducing stress, including but not limited to: enhanced work lives, a better nights rest and the increased confidence that comes from taking care of ourselves. Our mission is to maintain quality relationships through client satisfaction and providing wellness and stress relief!

Let us create an experience that fits your specific needs, we are excited to get you started on your personal journey to wellness!

Call Zen Rising Wellness Center today (321) 430-4729.